Lingüística y Literatura

El Dr. Roberto Zariquiey publica artículo en la revista Nature sobre el estudio de la historia de las familias lingüísticas en sudamérica


“A comparative wordlist for investigating distant relations among languages in Lowland South America” es el título del artículo publicado por nuestro profesor de la sección de lingüística, el Dr. Roberto Zariquiey, en la prestigiosa revista Nature. El artículo se encuentra en versión Open Access. Accede al artículo haciendo click en el siguiente enlace:


The history of the language families in Lowland South America remains an understudied area of historical linguistics. Panoan and Tacanan, two language families from this area, have frequently been proposed to descend from the same ancestor. Despite ample evidence in favor of this hypothesis, not all scholars accept it as proven beyond doubt. We compiled a new lexical questionnaire with 501 basic concepts to investigate the genetic relation between Panoan and Tacanan languages. The dataset includes data from twelve Panoan, five Tacanan, and four other languages which have previously been suggested to be related to Pano-Tacanan. Through the transparent annotation of grammatical morphemes and partial cognates, our dataset provides the basis for testing language relationships both qualitatively and quantitatively. The data is not only relevant for the investigation of the ancestry of Panoan and Tacanan languages. Reflecting the state of the art in computer-assisted approaches for historical language comparison, it can serve as a role model for linguistic studies in other areas of the world.